I only have two months left. Two months before I’m pushed into the real world. This semester, I’ve watched every movie/tv show about college just to see how fictional characters deal with this feeling. While writing this in google docs, I am simultaneously watching the early 2000s classic Felicity in the other tab. Needless to say, (pardon the idiom) I am scared. I am anxiously skipping episodes even seasons just to see how Felicity deals with graduating college. So while I can’t skip ahead into my future, I can skip ahead to hers.

Ok, I’m starting to realize that Felicity might have been a bad example for my senior year midlife crisis. Fast forward to the final season and her best friend died and suddenly her life/everything is put into a whole new perspective. I was vicariously living through this character for the last three hours. When Felicity lost her friend, I felt like I also lost someone too. But I guess that’s the thing with fiction. It’s not real.

In the end, I have to create my own reality. Even if my reality is that I graduate in two months and I don’t even have a job/internship lined up yet. What I really learned from watching this series is that I should cherish those around me and live in the moment.  

If you’re wondering I’m team Noel!

UPDATE: I wrote this blog post two weeks ago and since then I’ve had a few interviews/job responses. The strange/ wonderful thing about life is that it always seems to workout somehow.


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