Top 3 songs of the week


Lana Del Ray – Honeymoon

A year ago, Lana dropped her last project Ultraviolence to polarizing reception. Her new track honeymoon dives much lower as Lana is crooning about Mr. Born to lose. This track plays like a dramatized black and white flick staring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. There’s a toxic relationship, beautiful backing music and honest lines. It’s silky and sulky in the same. Lana’s delivery throughout the song is really the selling point, “There are guns that blaze around you. There are roses in between my thighs and fire that surrounds you. It’s no wonder every man in town had neither fought nor found you.” It’s all about someone wanting to be wanted. Its such a simple human emotion that eventually clicks with a few more spins. Her next album Honeymoon is rumored to be out this September.


Gemma – As Ever

Some songs capture the ambiance of the perfect backyard party. “As ever”, comes from the side project of Ava Luna vocalist, Felicia Douglass and Erik Gundel. This song is a slinky R&B treat wrapped around its catchy beats. Douglass’s easy going voice under this kind of production is a good first look that lingers well after the song is done. Their debut EP is out this fall.


CHVRCHES – Leave a trace

There’s a sweet liberation that comes with admitting your wrongs. There’s also a sweet liberation in letting your enemies who that they can’t hurt you. “Leave a trace” has Lauren Mayberry singing on top of a  colorful wave of synths and she lets it all out, “You think I’ll apologize/for things i left behind/but you got it wrong/ And I’m sane as I ever was.”  CHVRCHES’ next album is titled Every Open Eye and its due out this September. “Leave a trace” feels like a personal step in the right direction.


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