Dubrovnik, Croatia/Game of thrones’s Kings landing/paradise

Situated against gleaming waters, Dubrovnik shines as the Pearl of the adriatic. Pushing its Game of thrones association aside, this old town’s signature red rooftops adds enough charm to last an entire three day weekend stay. Every corner is a great photographic opportunity and it’s easy to find oneself stopping and staring for a few timeless minutes.

Away from all the seasonal pressures and tourist crowds, spring in Dubrovnik is a wonderful delight. March still brings sixty degree sunshine but manages to avoid the hustle and bustle of gigantic tourist ships. Banje beach is the ideal escape. Walk outside the city walls for just a few minutes and stroll down the beach and turn towards the right towards a middle size cliff. This cliff is a self reflecting opportunity for the single folk or a couple. Cap off the perfect day with a visit to the hole in the wall bar called Buza that provides a nice view of an island and the sunset. There is no shortage of beauty in Dubrovnik.

Cool things i did in Dubrovnik:

1.) The Ancient city walls of Dubrovnik is the most popular and notable attraction for the old city. It took me around three hours to completely walk the entire walls.


2.) I also visited the dubrovnik maritime museum.

3.) Spent a few hours at the beach

.dubrovink14 dubrovink15

4.) watched the sunset at the Buza Bar

5.) Took a cable car to the top of Srd Hill.

6.) Visited the most amazing and inspiring museum called Dubrovnik Homeland War Museum. This Museum recalls the Croatian war that took place around 20 years ago. It definitely demonstrated the resilience of the Croatian people.


7.) Had to hike down Srd Hill because i missed the last cable car. Turned out to amazing.


8.) Met some american students who helped me to find my way back to Old Town.They ended up being students who were in a Jordanian study abroad program. They invited me to their apartment for dinner and I had a great time. We unsuccessfully went to two wine bars but settled for an Irish pub after also meeting a British/Canadian couple who live in London.

9.) Went to a club in an old fort.

10.) I will retire in this city

11.) I want to go back now!

12.) Flew on an airplane for this first time with a mini hangover

Bonus pics!


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