When in Paris, drink wine, eat creme brûlée, shop, laugh and live in the moment

“saudade!”- A deep nostalgic feeling


I’ve only been in London for about five hours and I already miss Paris. Saudade!

My trip to Paris began on Thursday at exactly 6:10. After leaving work and having to run to the train station because my bus detoured (London Traffic smh) I met up with the group of students who were also going on the trip. With Linda, Michelle and Norman as our chaperones we were off to Paris!


paris train

Day 1 

After a lovely train ride mixed with a cheeky nap we were officially in the “city of lights.”

paris street as we exited the Metro
paris metro


We stayed at a hotel called Hotel Americano. I shared a room with Katie that was quite nice. After unpacking Katie, John, Shae and I went searching for dinner.

paris 1st night3
cool Parisian door

We even walked past by “place de la republique” where thousand of people rallied in the name of free speech and charlie hebdo.

After walking for way too long we decided to go to a fast food joint named Quick. After Quick we went to a nice restaurant for drinks and conversation.

paris mexicansmell
Tequila drink called Mexican Smell


We started the day with a nice little tour of the cool Parisian skyscrapers.

We then took the bus to Villa Savoye.

We then jetted off to the palace of versailles! such a grandiose statement house.


Got a nutella and banana crepe!



Napoleon’s Tomb

parisnap parisnaptomb

eiffel tower on a sunny day
eiffel tower on a sunny day


Locks of Love ❤

parislocks parislocks2


The Famous Louvre Museum


We then went for a nice Parisian dinner


The next day I unfortunately woke up with a horrible headache (too much wine) so I had to skip out of the morning tour to take a nice little nap. I woke up at noon and walked from the hotel to notre dame cathedral. On my way there I passed this amazing door and walked over two bridges.

parisdoor parisbridge

Sadly, my data ran out and I had no way to contact my friends so I had to get out of the line to go inside the cathedral and jetted across the street towards some sorority sisters from my school. One of the girls let me borrow her phone and i got to text Katie.


Hilarious dude who would go up to people and call them famous names and play jokes on random strangers

Best Hangover cure!

pariscrepe1 pariscrepe3

We then went shopping. Got a new bag, bought some touristy things, a cologne for my dad and a wicked cool view.


parisshiopping2 parisshopping1 parisshopping4


R.I.P Hebdo


paristower paristower2

Final Paris dinner

parisdinner11 parisdinner12 parisdinner13

We then walked home in the rain and went to bed


After packing up and eating breakfast we hopped on the bus to make a few key stops before heading home on the train.


parismorning1 parismorning2 parismorning3 parismorning5 parismorning6parismorning7 parismorning9 parismorning10parismorning11

parismorning12parismorning13 parismorning14


Jim Morrison grave
Jim Morrison grave

We went to a park

parispark parispark2

Goodbye Paris! Thanks for a great weekend filled with everything i wanted. Until next time saudade!



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