westminster abbey & seeing lydia ainsworth live

-had a few eventful moments this week-

On Tuesday after class I hopped on a bus and ventured towards Bethnal Green. Thanks to Google Maps and Citymapper I made it to a venue called Sebright Arms. The walk from the bus station to the venue was only three minutes with a surprise walk down a short alley. At the end of the alley emerged a cool pub and its outdoor seating area. After getting carded (smh) I sat outside because the door time got delayed. After chilling for a bit and having a lovely couple sit by me I got up and went inside. Of course i made a fool of myself and almost fell twice down the stairs. (smh) Once inside the actual venue space (in the basement) I got my hand stamped and waited for the show.

The crowd for the show mirrored what a Brooklyn crowd would looks like. Young and hipster. The opening band, Yokan System was from Tokyo. The lead singer had the most adorable accent and their music was enjoyable. I just wished they had more energy on stage. Also, some people who were standing in front of me were basically conversing the entire time and smoking what i think were e-cigarettes. After the opening band, i shuffled my way towards the front. The guy standing in front of me had great vibes and was actually dancing.

From the drummer, to the violinist to Lydia it was all worth it. After 3 classes and a long wait, it was truly worth it. My fav songs were def Hologram, PSI and Malachite. After the show I bought one of her t-shirts for only 5 pounds!

This Wednesday, my history of architecture class visited westminster abbey and it was glorious. With Norman as our handy guide we learned tons of cool info about the people who got married and buried at the abbey.

Bonus pic: MR. BIG BEN


All in all it was a pretty solid week in London!


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