SEEING FKA TWIGS IN LONDON (Paris, spring break plans and more)

Its been a long time coming. Seriously! I remember buying the tickets to see Twigs early in the morning last fall out of desperation to see her live. After work this Thursday I quickly found myself going to another part of London alone. It’s a humbling experience to attend concerts alone multiple times. I guess Ive become so adoptable that it just feels natural. The venue Roundhouse is in Camden which is like 20 mins from my work and 40 mins from where i live. With my battery at 70 percent I was ready for the show. However, once I got there and picked up my tickets I learned that the show was not quite ready. Apparently there was not going to be an opening band and so the show would start at 9 p.m. and it was only 7 p.m. I made the choice to go inside to pee and head in to wait for 2 hours. What do you do when you have to wait for two hours alone in a venue? Listen to podcast, check your Facebook (haven’t done so in a week), go on twitter (haven’t done so in a few seconds), look through old text, watch Youtube videos and read some Buzzfeed articles.

With 40 mins to go some guy turned to me and ask if i was alone and I answered yes. After he found out that I was American we quickly talked about Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore. For some reason Anthony Fantano came up and he asked me if I was a fan of the Needle Drop. Any music nerd online knows Anthony and his alter ego Cal but i just found it funny that this random person from London was a huge fan too. Of course, Death Grips came up.

Show Time!

1.) two tall guys were in front of me

2.) another round of annoying fan girling dudes were in front of them

3.) I was annoyed! The opening sequence had just began I was already fighting to see FKA Twigs WTF

However, the show was literally a visual album live. From the incredible technical dance numbers, to her voice, it was everything that I wanted. She later explained that the show was specially designed for the venue. My favorite performed songs were Kick, Give up and Two Weeks. At the end she cried, introduced her dancers who were omg awesome and thanked her fans.

This was without a doubt my favorite show Ive ever been to. From the male dancers embracing her and each other tenderly to the violinist it was all cohesive and neat. It was less of a show and more of a production and story. It was truly FKA Twigs.

I seriously considered going the Friday show, but after doing some hw and doing some clothes shopping I decided against the idea.

Anyways, this weekend will def consist of me doing lots of homework ahead of my first trip outside of England. My history of architecture class is going to……….PARIS  YAY! NEXT THURSDAY TO SUNDAY. Katie is also going on this trip whilst the other roommates are going to Wales


Friday to Sunday- In Prague (alone)

Sunday to Wednesday – In Vienna (With Katie)

Fly to London Wednesday

Thursday to Sunday – Dubrovnik (Croatia) alone

In APRIL I’m going on a trip to Berlin which is planned by Syracuse.

Also, I’m thinking of planning two more trips to Amsterdam and Scotland!


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