Valentine’s Day Fail

“All the single ladies Now put your hands up”

After learning that Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson were doing a show at a venue called G-A-Y in soho, I quickly informed my roommates and our V Day plans were set. With everyone all dressed up we met some other friends at the club and got our wristbands. Since Nick Jonas set time was at 1 a.m. we went to our friends’ flat which was conveniently close by. After chatting about deep and funny topics we ventured back into Soho’s crazy nightlife.

First, I was only one carded because I said my age was 20 and everyone else said 21. Once inside we were greeted with the song “Uptown Funk.” After dancing our way to the middle of the club we quickly realized that we were at the wrong place.

This was the place to pick up the waistbands but not where the show was. After dancing around to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce we tried to figure out where we had to go. Side note: some drunk dude called me Beyonce (lolz) and i gave him the “Single Ladies” hand wave. That club was actually fun. It had fun music and fun people. Anyways we then left to go to the right place. After a 10 min walk we were stumbled upon a long line of people waiting to get in.

Once we got up to where security was we were asked if we were members and or regulars. To clarify this is a gay club and we are totally newbies in London. So we were rejected. Yes, after talking about how much we wanted to hear Nick Jonas sing “Jealous” we were disappointed. It was not meant to be. So, went to McDonalds came home and watch Family Guy. The end.








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