How I really feel about London plus Hampton court (Henry 8th), Birdman and more

It really hasn’t hit me yet. Sometimes I’ll walk down the street and think holy crap I’m in London. It feels surreal. Between budgeting for grocery, rent, eating out, shopping, going out and spending my time doing valuable things, Its hard to truly bask in the goodness that is London. This week I’ve made a promise to do just that. So from now on I’ll be taking all opportunities that come my way.

This Friday, a small group of students and I visited Hampton Court. Any Tudor fan knows that this palace is a must see. As soon as we walked up towards the palace its grandiose presence sent an overwhelming response throughout the group.

hamptoon2 hanptoon33 hamptoon 3

Its freaking huge.

First, lets talk about the different ceilings.

gold woodceiking2

The paintings

painting3 painting5 paintingt painting

The statues

satue statue sat


and all of this!

ham4 ham5 ham6 ham7 ham8 ham10 HAM11 HAM12 HAM19 HAM29 hamp2 hamp5


and this guy!




flowers folwers

The day before this trip I went to the cinema to see the Oscar nominated film Birdman. It was ridiculous, funny, deep, gripping and made me fall in love with Edward Norton. Afterwards my friend and I walked around the neighborhood and randomly found this great Vietnamese restaurant. My noodle dish and ice tea were absolutely tasty. Here is the aftermath.



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