London Eye, Harry Potter Studios, Crown Jewels (oh my) Tower of London and British Museum

Last weekend was another doozy few days. Syracuse offered discount tickets for the London Eye and a tour of Harry Potter Studios.

The London Eye sits at the epicenter of the London skyline. Its bright red color gleams at night and provides a beautiful juxtaposition to the skyscrapers around and opposite it. As we ascended slowly towards the top, the skyline came to life. The next thirty minutes consisted of everyone wide-eyed gazing and taking pictures.


The next day we boarded a bus to the studio where they filmed the Harry Potter movies. That day I walked away with Hermione’s wand and two postcards. The tour took about three hours and at every corner I so badly wished that I was ten again so this experience could mean even more. The best part was all the different animated objects.


Today, my Islam and the West class went to the British Museum and it was a breathtaking experience. The tiles, potteries and paintings had bright and beautiful colors. It was great to see Islamic art from centuries ago.

islam2 islamic art islam


Today, I also visited the Tower of London! This Henry 8th fangirl was super excited! My awesome professor Norman showed us around and recounted various scandalous tales. I was very surprised by the size of the Tower and its surrounding walls. Because it sits opposite the mayor’s office and the Shard, it provided us with great views of the Tower bridge. We toured the King’s apartment and the Crown Jewels. Oh the crown Jewels were amazing! In fact my friends and I toured it again after class because we were so amazed. Sadly, no pictures are allowed but nevertheless it was a site to see. The gold silverware was so bright that it actually hurt my eyes and the diamonds were so precious that I would do anything to marry into the royal family to even touch them.


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