Bucket list update- St Paul’s Cathedral, Scottsboro Boys, British Museum and Stonehenge

I love lists. I love making and reading lists. So before I came to London I made a long list of things I wanted to do. This week I got to do a few of them.


I love Cathedrals. From the history to the grandiose and often glam designs, I always admired the beauty of huge churches. On Friday a group of students and I got a tour of “The City of London” and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Our very animated tour guide revealed morbid and interesting stories of those who lived and worked around St. Paul’s. We even walked past Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital. SPOILER ALERT! This is where they filmed Sherlock’s death scene in the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes. As a fan of the series I was very excited.


We passed a Tudor styled church and house.

Then we were off to St. Paul’s!!!!!!!

While the church was amazing and wondrous, they unfortunately do not allow you to take pictures of the inside. So here are outside pictures.


Here are photos of  the inside courtesy of the internet!

Afterwards we all got a chance to climb to the top of the dome where it was amazing beautiful. The view of London skyline included the London Eye and the Shard. Here are some pictures.


My day ended with the funny and historically important musical Scottsboro Boys. The cast was fantastic!


Bonus: British museum

Bonus: Stonehenge


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