Things I did DAYS 1-9 in London

  • Attend orientation
  • Attend more orientation
  • Toured a dream flat
  • Secured said flat
  • Had multiple near death experiences (seriously London traffic is insane)
  • Went to a pub (first legal beer)
  • Ate fish and chips
  • Bonded with my roommates
  • Tried to get my phone unlocked
  • Tried again to get my phone to unlock
  • Got my phone unlocked!
  • Visited Trafalgar Square
  • Saw Big Ben!
  • Saw Parliament!
  • Had other near death experiences
  • Visited Primark (it is as glorious as they say)
  • Saw the London Eye!
  • Rode the tube (seriously NYC should take notes clean + “almost” dummy proof)
  • Had Italian, Indian and Lebanese food on consecutive days
  • Toured London via bus
  • Visited Greenwich & the Prime Meridian
  • Went on a pub crawl
  • Visited Buckingham Palace
  • Honorary mentions: 1st week of classes and internship

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