Ramblings of a very tired girl: Airplane thoughts

Hello from my humble abode at the St. Giles Hotel.

I have been in London for three days and since then I’ve had to quickly “adult” in many different situations. This blog will be various dairy entries of my experiences at school, my internship and hopefully my time in traveling Europe.

My Thoughts on a 7-hour plane ride

The aggressive human nature that compels us to be obsessed with multiple goals has literally taken over my mind over the last four months. London was all I could think about. I am writing this on a plane that is about four hours away from arriving in London. If anyone is wondering, I am on a double decker plane where 80 percent of the passengers are Syracuse kids. During my long wait at the airport it was nice to see people I’ve only talked to once or twice. In only a matter of days most of these people will become classmates, flatmates and best friends.

I got to JFK around 1:30 p.m., which gave my family and I plenty of time to circle around the airport twice; grab some MacDonald’s whilst we joked around about celebrities, politics and random current events. Soon after we ventured to the airport parking lot where we spent several minutes. (Note: I am currently over the Atlantic Ocean) and everyone is sleeping around me ): Anyways, after I said goodbye to my parents and cousin I made my way through security and towards my gate. I found my friend Shannon and immediately met this girl named Jackie with cool purple hair. We quickly realized that we all wanted to travel to the same places and had similar interests. After that another girl Angela arrived who happened to be Jackie’s potential roommate. In just a few minutes, we were all potential flatmates including my current Syracuse roommate Katie and another girl named Lauren. I suddenly felt a confortable calm. Angela had already had a lead on a flat that housed six people that was recommended by her amazing friend from Syracuse. Therefore, we were ahead of the game.


So far I’ve watched the pilot of True Detective on the plane. Mathew Mcconaughey’s face is absolutely flawless in the flashback scenes. The first episode is a bit pretensions but it was very intriguing. Sadly, I broke my television (no surprise) and it is nearly impossible for me to fall asleep. Also, one row behind me a girl and boy are loudly reminiscing about their friendship/relationship (TMI.)

Thankfully, my television just got restored. However, I guess everything happens for a reason because I suddenly felt more compelled to write my thoughts down.

In conclusion, the food is decent, as Shaheem would say the movie/TV selection is amazing. I’m off to watch 22 Jump Street and Neighbors.

plane food



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